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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the number one supplier of high quality gifts for all occasions while enriching the lives of our employees and bringing value to our communities.


Our Core Values

  • Integrity – We live our lives with integrity by doing what is right not only when we are being watched, but when no one is watching. It is a way of life that fosters trust and good will. 
  • Generosity – Our company could not succeed without the generosity of others. It only makes sense that we show generosity in return.  It is truly better to give than to receive
  • Gratitude – Being thankful enhances empathy, reduces aggression, and facilitates a better work environment and life. 
  • Hard Work – Our company will succeed due to the hard work put into it. Taking a shortcut may get you ahead in the short term, but our willingness to go the extra mile is what will ultimately allow us to succeed in the long term.
  • Accountability – It is our obligation to account for our activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner.
  • Respect – We will show consideration for other people. We will respect their physical space and belongings, and we will respect different viewpoints, philosophies, physical abilities, beliefs, and personalities.
  • Quality - We will show a strict and consistent commitment to the highest standards.
  • Community – We will strive to be a good community partner though charitable works and through our relationships with others, recognizing that we can all win together.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer high quality products at a competitive price while providing superior service and the best possible customer experience.  We will create a positive and charitable environment that encourages personal growth and professional development.

Blue Ridge Team

Our History

August 2014

Jason, Chris, David, and Coleman, four best friends from high school who bartend together, decide to start collecting empty wine bottles being discarded at the bar and re-purpose them into birdfeeders and other unique products. Working out of their garage and basement, the goal is to sell these items at craft shows, wine festivals, and the local farmer’s markets for a little extra income

April 2015

The group decides to try their hand at selling these unique products online, and launches “Bottles Uncorked”, their first Etsy store. None of them have ever sold anything online before, so it involves a lot of mistakes and missteps, trials and errors, and learning the hard way.

March 2016

While maintaining their night jobs at the bar, the guys slowly expand their product lines, always eager to learn and try new things, and in March of 2016, make their 1000th sale!

Febuary 2017

The team sees an opportunity to break into the personalized gifts market on Etsy and decide to dive in head-first by purchasing their first laser engraver. With the new market comes a new Etsy shop, which they name “Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts”, and, over the next six months, sales take off. One by one, Jason, Chris, David, and Coleman can finally walk away from bartending and focus on the business fulltime

March 2018

No longer having to bartend in order to keep the lights on, the guys throw themselves fully into growing the business, which is now moving faster than ever. They continuously add new products and equipment and, with their house/production facility bursting at the seams, they take the leap and sign a lease on a 3,000 square foot warehouse.

August 2018

The team burns the candle at both ends. They make products and fulfill orders by day, and work construction on the new warehouse at night. After six months of heavy labor, the warehouse is finally ready to host the business and Bottles Uncorked/Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts leaves the garage.

September 2019

As the company grows, they add new equipment, hire employees, and start purchasing larger and larger amounts of inventory. Before long, the warehouse simply becomes too cramped and the business expands into the adjoining space, doubling in size.

March 2020

As the Covid-19 Pandemic hits and the country shuts down, Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts (BRMG) sees their sales plummeted by 90%. With so much uncertainty, the team was forced let their entire staff go, leaving just the four founders to carry on. Terrified and heartbroken, the guys decide that Jason, Chris and Coleman will sign up for gig work, delivering food and groceries, while David will run the warehouse by himself and fulfill what few orders are still coming in.

May 2020

With the pandemic surging, and stay at home orders being issued, e-commerce sales nationwide start to see a huge increase. BRMG sales follow suit and, one-by-one, the team starts bringing back their employees. As the trend continues, the guys are shocked to see that sales begin to exceed pre-pandemic levels!

February 2021

Once again, with the demand and rate of growth exceeding their space, the team starts looking for a new home for Blue Ridge Mountain Gifts and ultimately sign a lease on a 20,000 square foot building and start the construction process all over again.

September 2021

Jason, Chris, David, and Coleman are humbled and honored to learn that their company is ranked as #882 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest growing, privately held companies in the US!

October 2021

After eight months of construction, BRMG moves into the new warehouse which will serve as its home for the next five years!